Differences ?

I feel the course ENG 4U, grade 12 University level English should not be a requirement for all university programs. My main reasoning is because of the Mathematics and Science students as most of their degrees do not involve English courses what so ever. I understand that ENG 4U should be required for people pursuing a degree in English, History, Law or
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anything involving them becoming a teacher but the math students are not always writing about poetry or Shakespeare or an ISU novel they picked out. The English they are doing is more logical and mathematical, it is usually describing the outcome of an experiment or showing the steps of how they came to a certain theory. My other reasoning is also for those pursuing a degree involving Mathematics or Science Field as on average they are not good at English if they are amazing at Math and/or Science and vice versus. Mark Eichenlaub has in own stance that it usually very one sided as well saying it is all about the practice and such, that if one practices writing more young they will be better at it and same for math. The University of Waterloo has recognized this as well as they had discovered student in the Mathematics program fail their English courses more then any other programs, which is why they have to take a special class which do not involve essays in any form, the thing they are appositely worse at. Overall, I do feel ENG 4U is amazing and should be required for the most artistic and creative degrees but fore the logical and scientific ones I do not feel it is all that necessary.

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