Thoughts on the ‘Serial’ Podcast



I had just finished the first episode from the first season of the `Serial` podcast series, narrated by Sarah Koenig. My first thoughts on this podcast was that who listens to podcast anymore but after actually starting to listen to this podcast about this murder case I felt more engaged. Just being able to zone out, listen, and come up in my own mind the picture of what this murder investigation looked like. It made the demonstration of this investigative journalism or murder investigation much more clear and coherent to listen to rather than a movie, film, etc.. Yet while listening I did find myself rewinding because I thought I had missed something since I might have wondered off or had different thoughts and forgot. Which if this story was in text and I couldve read it instead the likely hood of missing something is less likely to happen. Although when taking into to consideration to ability to hear multiple voices talk about this case makes it much easier to follow along, there as reading would get boring and uninteresting after so long.


Koenig made this podcast interesting though I thought, as she started off her podcast about this murder trail with a good catch. She got in touch with her listeners by starting off talking about something everyone can relate to, being their own memory and how challenging it is. She went on to prove that unless it was a big day that no one remembers what they‘d have had for breakfast last week unless you are a weird person who hates change and has a set schedule that makes you always have the same thing every Tuesday for breakfast or something along those lines, besides the point most people don’t have that great of a memory. Her talking about this point she was trying to prove about memory made myself think and when I thought about it I had realized that I do not even remember what I did just 3 days ago let alone this morning for breakfast. This started to concern me when I realized how could this girl that wrote that letter for Syed even remember what happened on that specific day 2 months prior, could she be lying, I don’t know but it is something to think about.


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