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Final Thoughts
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I have finally finished the book Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer and having completed all the assignments related to this book (an essay and three creatives). I can finally express my opinions and thoughts on Sherpa’s on Mount Everest and how they are treated throughout the book and the outside world.

While reading the book, I had first discovered the horrible way the Sherpas were treated as when Jon Krakauer was writting about all these amazing exhibitions up Mount Everest which always made his love for rock and ice climbing grow. Yet, Krakauer mainly mentions the climbers as being the heroes to summit. The Sherpas who had summited to, at the exact same time as these climber(s), although had it worst with the weight of luggage, and more on top of other duties, well, they did not get one single bit of recognition in comparison to what the actual “climbers“. It just seems completely unfair to me. As if cause these people didn`t “pay“ to go to the top of Mount Everest they are barely considered to have summited it at all to the social and average communities.

Not to mention again when Sandy made her Sherpa carry her up the mountain, along with 80 pounds of luggage too. A person can`t handle that much weight on such climb, Sandy shouldn`t have even done the climb if she could not have climbed herself. The poor Sherpa, Lobsang was was throwing up after the climb and then forced to go right back to work. It is not a safe or fair life for Sherpas.


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The complete way of living for Sherpas have completely changed since the realization the Mount Everest was the highest peak in the world. The community of Sherpas used to be secluded, away from the rest of the world. They got to live a simple life, full of  trading, and agriculture. Life, filled with common things, cattle, wool, yak, Tibetan tea, etc. Being able to worship their gods in peace and project the mountains, mainly Mount Everest, the “Mother of the World“ as the Sherpas say. They were able to practice their Tibetan Buddishim and speak the languages they wished to speak and had no need for English as trading outside of Nepal to Tibet and so on were all they needed. However because of explorers, trackers, and such their lifestyle has been and will always be completely altered.


In a way, I feel sorry for the Sherpa people. They were left alone for so long, leading a happy life until one day outsiders came in, changing everything they know. It must be difficult. I personally do not know I could handle a change like that. I for sure know I could not do what the Sherpas do in the mountains, the little pay, high risk, and strength it takes to summit is unthinkable to me. I do love hiking and such, I simply could not do a mountain anything like Mount Everest.



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