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I chose Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer for my ISU book. While reading this book I found that looking at it through a post-colonial view would be interesting as it is a non-fiction book about a disaster on Mount Everest. I found the lives of the Sherpas to be very interesting. My thesis for this book is:

In the novel, Krakauer portrays the typical Sherpas lifestyle and through that, it is evident that they are dehumanized.

For this book, I will be doing a persuasive essay. I personally find that this type of essay will allow myself to go in depth with the topic at hand, the Sherpas. I feel as the evidence of the Sherpas being dehumanized greatly outweighs the evidence of them not being dehumanized, and this type of essay will allow me to be unbalanced with the topic. While also allowing myself to do some research and use outside sources.

For the three creative projects, I have decided to go with:

  1. A Webpage (twitter account) of an average young adult Sherpa living in Nepal, which will showcase the average lifestyle of the Sherpas. Religion, culture, food, language and more.
  2. A Blog Post, where I will go in-depth on the subject of the Sherpas. Including how I feel the mountain has changed them, my own personal response to Sherpas in general, some possible research and more.
  3. A Concept Map, outlining the average Sherpa life.

These three creative projects will allow me to picture the lifestyles of the Sherpas, to give an idea of what they go through on a day to day basis as well as my own personal opinions of the treatment of Sherpas.


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