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Did He Do It?

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After listening to not just one but two episodes coming from the Serial podcast series, meaning the first and the very last episodes of the series specifically, I have come to my own opinions about the series. The series is about the journalism done by Sarah Koenig on the case of Hae Min Lee, a girl killed in high school back in 1999, the accused being Adnan Syed, her ex-boyfriend and the reexamination of the evidence with the look for the new ones.


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This series goes back and forth between the innocence or guilt of Adnan Syed. My personal opinion is obviously towards him being innocent rather than guilty in this case. From what Koenig gave in evidence within those two episodes it is greatly evident that Syed was not given a fair trial. Syed’s lawyer didn’t decide to investigate into all these alibis that Syed possibly had and that the whole trial was mainly made off this supposed phone call made by Syed. Although as Koenig’s investigation it is just as possible that Jay, Syed’s past friend could have had it, or that it could’ve just been a butt dial. Either way, the phone call itself is not enough reason to lock someone away I find. From what I find the whole trial was barely based on facts and evidence but more directed towards fitting a personality, how it was possible it was him, and the one person who brought forth this major plan.




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Adnan was just a kid at the time of his trial, I think that he couldn’t fight for himself the way I am sure he wanted to and tried so hard but couldn’t be heard. I can relate to only on the levels of being a young person and knowing that getting your voice heard is hard. Which is when I was able to hear Koenig dig and look for evidence for the guy who wasn’t able to I started to see his innocence. From the first episode of this series with what Koenig put forth in it, I was already able to lean towards the side of this man, Syed being innocent. I personally find the incompetence of Syed’s lawyer at the time with this case is horrible, with so many possibilities and chances of getting the trial thrown away or providing evidence that would have been possible to retrieve at the time, it is crazy. Referring to some examples of possible evidence Koenig noticed in the first episode would have helped are the library footage, the computer sign-in, the alibi Syed talked to in the library, the multiple people who saw him there as well, it is just clear this trial could have gone a completely different direction than the way it did occur.


Not just myself have found the guiltiness of Syed is not all that clear, as in just this year he was granted a retrial for the murder of Hae Min Lee. This was mainly because the whole phone call evidence thing was found to not be all that true as there were issues with the cell phone towers which makes the whole story not add up according to New York Daily News. This all mainly couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Koenig and her research, especially on the cell phone towers at the time. Maybe, this time there will be the fair trial that Syed deserves.


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I would just like to get out there what this blog post allows myself to do that mainly other mediums would not. It allows myself to use formal or informal tone, 1st or 3rd person speaking, personal pronouns and my own thoughts easily. It is a much more open, free, and wide ranged than a podcast with visual outputs and the ability to go back and change it without redoing the whole thing. A better choice than a web page as I mainly just suck at making those and finally a video goes along with the fact that I stutter and can not visually have it the whole project in front of myself to revise and look over unlike a text-heavy medium like a blog post. Not to mention, if needed a video, link to another web page, and more are easily able to be done on a blog post with unlimited ways to add different sources and mediums within any post itself. Ultimately showing my choice of medium is on top with the most flexible options and opportunities to be given.



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