Led Zeppelin Rips Off



There is this talk of Led Zeppelin, where it is beginning to seem as if the group was a big rip-off towards other bands. I personally have my own views on the whole talk, after some evidence and facts were given to me it is clear to see that the band group did in fact, rip off some other artists as well as borrowed or remixed from others. I have just watched Part 1 of Kirby Ferguson`s line of “Everything is a Remix” videos and a small part of the video has brought forth this whole situation with the Led Zeppelin band and what a borrower the group really is. The biggest rip-off that many people and myself have noticed from the video was that this band had completely ripped-off Sonny Boy Williamson`s Song “Bring it on Home” released in 1963 with their song  “Bring it on Home”  released in 1969, just 6 years later.




The original song is obviously Sonny’s song in this case. The song starts off with the lyrics, “Baby, baby, I’m gonna bring it on home to you, ” and has a good blues instrumental to it with a harmonica playing. During the song as well Sonny talks about buying a ticket, taking a seat on the train, reminiscing, and more and then ends the song with the lyrics “Gonna bring it on home, Bring it on home to you.” Now as you go on to see what Led Zeppelin song is and how ripped-off it really is, well, you see it is pretty much the whole song. Led Zeppelin has completely copied Sonny’s song as they start off their song with the exact same lyrics, exact same instrumental and tone, even the harmonica is there too, and not to mention the group goes on to add on the ending lyrics is the exact same too. The only thing that differs these two songs is that Led Zeppelin’s band has transformed and recombined the body part of the song with the elements


of the ticket buying, taking a seat while going away in the body but the elements of downtown and of a note from a child were added onto the body too, as well as that they stretched the song an extra 4-6 minutes on average while playing live.


I do not believe one bit that Led Zeppelin’s band has created something original enough to not have copyright issues with the original song because of the instrumental, song title, and lyrics there is no way to say the songs are not one and the same. The creators of the Led Zeppelin song, alike with all creators when using other songs elements should be a lot more careful. There are many ways to avoid the ripping off of the song, a standard could have been put in place, like if same lyrics are used then the instrumental should be different, or to paraphrase and never use the exact same words, and so on.


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